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 Sat May 23rd - Chicago, IL 




username sex age city country prefers
MASSWRESTLE9 Male 36 Boston Massachusetts Gay
Lean toned smooth masculine guy into gut punching / wrestling / bdsm / jobber / stomping / and more. ALL style races gear goes (safe) but rough and wild or mild . free member here - So email me for more pics. Can travel to NH RI CT NYC and ME. ALL safe goes --- love to be beat on take as much as i can and wrestle for s takes !! 31w/40ch - like abs pecs traps nips sleepers racks camels and more IN FLORIDA SUMMER 05 / LA SPRING 05

username sex age city country prefers
Lionmane Male 48 West Lafayette Indiana Gay
Wrestler/Jobber seeks opponent/heel for pro, pro fantasy, oil or submission workovers. I have great endurance. Im 510, 175#, medium build and cocky. Teach me a lesson in humility. Love Bodyslams, suplexes, backbreakers, sleepers, bear hugs, tit twisting, ball and cock torture, full nelsons, arm locks, piledrivers, camel, boston crab, scissors, etc. Only no punches to head. I have all sorts of gear, pro boots too.

first class jobber, struggles and suffers
username sex age city country prefers
wrestlehound Male 42 London/Essex United Kingdom Gay
Hey Guys, Leave contact details for me to get back to you......Handsom, well built, great legs and arse, muscular. lives near london, likes to wrestle to submission and whatever follows, looking for other big guys to wrestle, can do fantasy wrestling, real wrestling, horseplay, submission, pro style. Can be competetive or I can be an excellent jobber who tries hard and struggles, but ultimatly suffers and sells my humiliation and absolute submission. Standard member, so please provide e-mail address if replying.

username sex age city country prefers
bleath Male 41 Melbourne Australia Gay
Aussie guy trying to find others into boxing. Want to go a few rounds and learn the ropes. Al

looking for pro style heels to demolish me!
username sex age city country prefers
prettyboyjobber Male 31 Seattle Washington Gay
i'm looking for wrestling partners into pro style erotic fantasy matches. Roleplay(heel vs jobber), photo sessions, videotapes, ropes, verbal abuse, shaving cream matches. Two vs. one matches. I'm also looking for other jobbers to wrestle with me in a handicap match. Two jobbers vs. one heel. If you are interested drop me a line. Anyone traveling to Seattle and looking for a hotel match, drop me a line. Also looking for guys that are traveling to seattle for some HOT hotel matches. I am always looking for another jobber to tag up with or to try out holds on each other.

Seeking regular erotic wrestling bouts, suited up and ready, lookfor me on Vangar under Adam in Thong.
username sex age city country prefers
Canadian_Cock_Fighte Male 61 Halifax Nova Scotia Straight
I am interested in Erotic first to cum, erotic oil and cock2cock. Luv to wear posers, thongs, g-strings and sling-shots & footless tights too. Into give and take, not into anal or sex but like lots of cock action.Look for me on Vangar

username sex age city country prefers
iliketowrestle1966 Male 40 Richmond Virginia Bisexual
Have just started to work out to get back in fighting shape. Contact me if you like wrestling a big guy. Been 12 years since i've had a wrestling match. Am interested in safe wrestling, pro and erotic wrestling.

Looking for bigger guys
username sex age city country prefers
centxwrestle Male 39 Austin Texas Gay
Looking for larger guys for sane slow hold matches. Into sub, pro, give/take. Can travel within Tx and nationally

Lets get it on
username sex age city country prefers
pinya Male 67 Albuquerque New Mexico Other
Looking for safe and sane submission with j/o finish. This is for fun; no one gets hurt, but like to give and take some pain. If you respond, included your e-mail address as I am not a premium member.

username sex age city country prefers
chasinc Male 46 Sigara Senegal Other
Les grands poissons mangent un bon nombre de pommes mais les les grandes personnes traversent la route pour acheter beaucoup de meubles. Les grands chevaux portent des troncs de natation et m chent des mouches fruit avec des caract ristiques portatives. Beaucoup de chemises et pantalons s' vaporent dans l'oc an

for over 60 in shape
username sex age city country prefers
no1dude Male 42 milwaukee Wisconsin Gay
Hello I'm looking for men over the age of 60 with definition, muscular, or strong looking appearance, who are into physical contact and wrestling.

muscular experienced wrestler and martial artist is looking 4 erotic fights
username sex age city country prefers
musclefighter Male 44 Frankfurt Germany Gay
i am looking 4 erotic fight /oilfights/fantasyfights...like to job 4 a muscular or beefy guy...but am not naturally submissive..also sportive (freestyle)bouts (wrestled 5 years in a club) and aikidofreak (been practising for 12 years)

username sex age city country prefers
arabicwrestler Male 28 manama Bahrain Gay
Hi , im arabic wrestler , im from Bahrain , im vary strong , 29 years , 170 , 5,9 , im in to submision , oil wrestling , wrestling4top , pro wrestling , speedo wrestling, cock wrestling , my favorites holds is: Spladle , Sleeper , Short arm scissor , Iron Cross , Headscissor straight , Headlock and reversed headlock , Hammerlock , Half nelson , Grapevine , Foldup Pin or Rollup , Figure 4 headscissor , Full Nelson , Facesitting or schoolboypin , Cradle , Bodyscissors rear or frontal , Bodyscissors side , Bearhug .

Desert Boy
username sex age city country prefers
psbobn Male 40 Palm Springs California Gay
Have not been in Wrestling for long time, just give me more time to get use to it.Play wrestling.Fun

Pro/Fantasy Heel looking for Jobbers in NY metro area
username sex age city country prefers
WorkUOverProFantasy Male 43 Piscataway New Jersey Gay
I am a 40 yo; 190#; curly red hair; green eyes; bearded Irish American in NJ, also travel to Boston and Houston areas frequently. I am into pro/fantasy matches, intention without injury, use some force, but not into really hurting anyone or being hurt (I do have a bit of amateur experience, but not into legit submission); some erotic action is OK too. Looking for a fit jobber; my ultimate would be a guy around my size or smaller; gymnast type, but hey, I'm open to variety, and will take on bigger jobbers who love to lose! I love to totally work over a nice pair of legs; also like clamping on a head or body scissors. Love fig-4 leglock, indian deathlock, camel clutch, and other pro sytle holds. Also get into some good old fashioned pounding and stomping (fantasy style), with some trunk pulling and a few stomach or pec claws thrown in for good measure. Have space with mats in Central NJ. Love to beat a jobber boy down, cover him for the pin, then pull him up on the 2 count for more punishment. If you are in the NJ/NYC area, drop me a line! WILL BE IN THE BOSTON AREA FEB 1-6, 2004.

username sex age city country prefers
drb Male 41 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Gay
Looking for erotic submission wrestling action. Like smooth tough guys. Safe and sane fun. not a member

username sex age city country prefers
aussiewrestlerdave Male 58 Victoria Australia Gay
like to wrestle in Skin tight lycra gear Pro Fantasy & oil are my favourite wrestling styles Nothing too painful Just good hot body to body wrestling

Anyone want to spar?
username sex age city country prefers
LiverPuncher Male 36 Seattle Washington Gay
Seeking fun, give-take, safe-sane boxing or kickboxing. Might try some erotic wrestling, too. Preference to GWMs w-six paks, but all e-mails and only serious replies welcome. I posted a pic, so you must send a pic. Fight experience, travel, gear, locations negotiable.

username sex age city country prefers
thmpr Male 52 Phoenix Arizona Other
Seeking playful, submissive, abdominally durable dudes that absolutely love having their stomachs massaged, rubbed, kneaded, pressed and punched for hours upon hours. Also into gentle, mutually submissive, play rassling with long schoolboy pins or just stomach/chest sitting. Prefer my size or smaller, thin and smooth but not mandatory. Have loads of fun with you big guys, too.

Pro style fun in New England
username sex age city country prefers
JerBearME Male 35 Fairfield Maine Gay
Pro/pro-fantasy matches with all shapes, ages, sizes, and races. Willing to travel for matches. Can't host, but can meet pretty much anywhere in New England on fairly short notice for matches, or can do the hotel thing. Drop me a note and let's hook up soon!

Fight to rape
username sex age city country prefers
Black_brasil_ Male 26 RJ Brazil Bisexual
can acomadat guys for beeing raped after trying to beat me on a fight. iam black 25y 180m 80kg like to real sub humiliations fights/fuck... if u gonna come to brasil please contac me . from 20 to 60years... can acomadat guys for beeing raped after trying to beat me on a fight. iam black 25y 180m 80kg like to real sub humiliations fights/fuck... if u gonna come to brasil please contac me . from 20 to 60years...

username sex age city country prefers
MInovice Male 36 Novi Michigan Gay
Enjoy all styles. Fan of pro/pro fantasy. I have done bot jobber and heel roles but prefer jobber. Most of my exp is in sub style. Looking for guys that do this for the pure enjoyment of it. Safe and sane and limits must be respected. Can host, limited travel. Not a premium member so please send e-mail if you want to meet

Looking for a good fight
username sex age city country prefers
tazman351 Male 23 Melbourne Australia Bisexual
Looking for a good wrestling match with guys, no older that 30 please, any style easy going guy, just for fun.

username sex age city country prefers
KillerJoe Male 52 Atlanta Georgia Straight
Looking for a wrestling partner for a good wrestling workout. No pain, just a good wrestling workout match. Just a lot of rolling around on the floor so we can get a good exercise workout.(I dont have access to wrestling mats and s cannot host, sorry) Attire is up to you.Send me your e-mail address so I can answer you back.

username sex age city country prefers
squeezer Male 37 Cologne Germany Gay
Like to pit strength against fit guys. Looking for muscular men, I think I can handle a bigger strugglers, friendly-aggressive.

Wrestle in Louisiana
username sex age city country prefers
GaryD Male 61 New Orleans Louisiana Other
Looking for erotic, pro style, fun matches in gulf south region. Like role play, jobber / heel. I can do either one. Wrestle in speedos or thongs. Live in New Orleans but travel to Florida (Orlando area) and Indiana (Richmond area) on regular basis.

waiting to receive a challenge!
username sex age city country prefers
Master-Gladiator Male 49 Yorkshire United Kingdom Gay
Known as Master-Gladiator on here. I'm an experienced wrestler looking for other wrestlers to wrestle with or coach. Open to any kind of gear - trunks, singlets, boots, briefs etc. I have had many matches in the pro ring, amateur, submission and some in NHB. Safe & safe, all replies must have a recent picture plus stats for a reply. Have my own wrestling arena fully matted, so lets get wrestling. Please don't forget to include an email address in your message, otherwise i can't reply;can only flirt on here so please send your email address.

username sex age city country prefers
any_takers? Male 31 nottm/sheffield United Kingdom Gay
looking for guys to show me the ropes and have a good time with. can travel or accommodate and have plenty of room!

username sex age city country prefers
hardbst Male 37 Manchester United Kingdom Gay
UK based fighter lookin for scraps

username sex age city country prefers
MIKE Male 53 Manhattan New York Gay
Real guys ONLY, please. I travel the entire US every year, so I will get to your city. Message me and let's get familiar. C2C to prove we are real. Wrestle?? Or I'll gut-punch you like a real competitive amateur boxer -- I am -- except I'll take you down erotically, slowly - my way - so I own you and your abs. Punch me back and let's see who can keep standing up, fucker. Or I'm on you, like a BIG LEAN MUSCLE DOG, biceps in your face smacking your gut into hamburger!

username sex age city country prefers
jdrc Male 45 McMinnville Oregon Gay
i am a gay white male that hates this part i have a large mustache and i live in the rural area near mcminnville i love bears YOU CAN NOT BE TO HAIRY

username sex age city country prefers
bearprowler Male 51 honolulu Hawaii Gay
Found a great daddy and a cub looking for a 4th cub 22-33 to join our den Must be willing to relocate and work full time and will to enjoy all the hawaii has to offer and share it with a loving, generous kind bear daddys and brother

Like to watch fights
username sex age city country prefers
cockfighter85020 Male 49 Milwaukee Wisconsin Gay
44,58,165,balding,Italian,thick moust,some chest hair,33 waist, 5x5 cut. Looking for guys who like erotic wrestling/boxing. Love to see studs battle it out, real turn on. I live in Milwaukee. Like to watch videos bg,can am, old reliable. Like skin tight jeans,cutt-offs,thongs,G-strings, anything kinky. Love to rub down a dude and give massage. Also like to blow a fighter while he talks about his fights. Have pic to trade, can not host..........peter

Philadelphian who travels frequently
username sex age city country prefers
PAguy Male 46 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Gay
5'11;45c,33w,16a--just a beginner but lookin to learn/get experience-open to different experiences-wrestling and nonwrestling-was doing brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj) 2x/week but that is on hold for the moment

username sex age city country prefers
vegas_sexfight Male 46 Las Vegas Nevada Gay
5ft 8in, 168, 42ch, 33w, hairy chest, clean shaven, professional and clean cut seeking similar sized men into sexfighting, cockfights, fantasy fights, erotic submission

username sex age city country prefers
WrstlVegas Male 60 Las Vegas Nevada Gay
Looking for freestyle/erotic, cockrasslin matches in and around Las Vegas. Not super competitive, but lots of man to man body contact, frottage. Safe/sane, discreet; private home.

gay dude looking for boxing gloved fun
username sex age city country prefers
gayboxingdude Male 24 pigeon forge Tennessee Gay
hey guys, im looking for some fun in boxing gloves, and or hightop sneakers. I am a smoker, I DO NOT wrestle, nor will I, So please don't message me if u want me to wrestle with you, thanks. I am looking to get knocked around by a dude in boxing gloves or knocked out without fighting back, either play or slowly! or just meet dudes around the area who wanna slip on the boxing gloves to recieve some head from me, that and some well used hightop sneakrs or construction boots!!!! message me if u r near knoxville or east tennessee

Heads Up MEN
username sex age city country prefers
doublehanded9 Male 40 twin falls Idaho Gay
love bald hairy big men, lets get to know each other more personal. contact me so we can chat

Lad into hard fights, wrestling scrapping, boxing
username sex age city country prefers
otterboy Male 34 Midlands United Kingdom Gay
Straight acting guy into hard rough submission fights - wrestling, scrapping, NHB, also into boxing. Bring it on guys if you think you are hard enough

username sex age city country prefers
lesamer Male 54 North Hollywood California Gay
I want a competitive match, perhaps with fantasy and eroticism added.

username sex age city country prefers
CLIFF Male 38 TORONTO Ontario Gay

Does he have me or not?
username sex age city country prefers
bigbeef Male 44 Fitchburg Massachusetts Gay
Looking for some real mat action. Enjoy wrestling all sizes so hit me up and lets grapple! Now living in Fitchburg, MA - ready to go at it.. ? especially u smaller guys.. :)

username sex age city country prefers
rod44 Male 62 san juan Puerto Rico Gay
athletic, friendly, like running, swimming, weights and oil massage,

Looking for a wrestling friend
username sex age city country prefers
TigerBob Male 42 Mountain View California Gay
I am looking for a cool friend to hang out, wrestle and workout with, and I also enjoy friendly horseplay. Be sure to send me your e-mail address so that I can reply to you-thank you.

username sex age city country prefers
mikeswuk Male 50 Bristol United Kingdom Gay
submission wrrstling for sweaty workout and fun - looking for guys in the uk and elsewhere - in shape and genuine - for submission wrestle or horny roll around - straight guys can apply too! I like the body contact and the workout - anything else is a bonus. visiting LA at the end of august

Mpls guy exploring aggression
username sex age city country prefers
MNaggression Male 38 Minneapolis Minnesota Gay
Interested in exploring aggression (safely). Still a beginner, but learning quickly. I've been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a few months and want to learn more about all styles of wrestling and fighting. My primary interest is in submission wrestling, but erotic is possible, if agreed upon and the attraction is there (don't assume it though).

submission bis freefight
username sex age city country prefers
babyfacedd1983 Male 23 Dresden Germany Straight
Ich suche st ndig Gegner f r submission bis freefights. Wohne in Dresden und habe einen Kampfraum zur Verf gung. Alter, Gewicht und Aussehen egal, keine erotischen Interessen - bin hetero.

username sex age city country prefers
GermanGladiator Male 37 Frankfurt Germany Gay
Goodlooking German Jock, 34,6`3 and a half,220 pounds of muscle, hung agr top, uncut, looking for muscular opponents. I am into wrestling, boxing, fighting, duel and gladiatorial scenarios, with lots of hot sex after the match. If you are real, proud, masculine and muscular, then challenge me - expect no mercy. I will defeat you and make you mine... I live in Germany, get to East Coast of North America occasionally. Any muscular warriors to challenge me?

Looking for Gut Punching and Intro to Wrestling
username sex age city country prefers
gtpunfan Male 43 Los Angeles California Gay
Looking primarily for gut punchers in the S Cal area who are not skinny, not lean but on the husky, beefy side. (Not into six-pack abs). Age range - prefer guys >35 on up. Also looking for martial arts/weight lifting workout partners and guys who can train me in boxing and/or wrestling. Not a Premier Member so I need an email address to respond to.

username sex age city country prefers
Bellyache Male 48 Devon United Kingdom Gay
Have just got into gutpunching (give and take) Anyone (local) interested in a session? Come on guys,there must be someone in South Devon that wants some give and take gutpunching!!

Wrestling partner
username sex age city country prefers
wrestler250 Male 47 Montreal Quebec Bisexual
45 5.9 235 smooth muscular masculine into powerlifting looking for wrestling partner/coach or simply to exchange pics about hard training and wrestling. Only big muscular men - no chubby. I am not a premium member so I can't answer unless you give your email.

username sex age city country prefers
PinnerStud Male 41 Washington District of Columbia Gay
I'm looking for fun and inshape wrestlers. Open on style and gear. Located in DC, but travel some to Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia and Boston. Can get into verbal matches, wrestling until one dominates.

Let's wrestle!
username sex age city country prefers
sparkyMaine Male 39 Portland Maine Gay
Love submission wrestling. Always wanting to learn new holds, techniques, and strategies. Interested in meeting nice guys for friendship as well as some physical stuff on the mat. All ages, sizes, and levels of ability are welcome. Open to almost anything, but let's discuss first if it is something unusual. I will be in the following locations: Ibiza: May 13 until May 20: Cefalu, Sicily May 20 until May 27: Portland Maine thereafter: I am involved in a LTR, so I'm 'off the market,' but I'm working on getting my boyfriend interested in wrestling. At the very least he does good camerawork...

username sex age city country prefers
drwrestle Male 49 Valdosta Georgia Gay
5ft 9in, 190, flexible on wrestling style (no martial arts) and gear: freestyle or pro, jobber or heel, competitive or give-and-take, etc. Preference is a pro jobber/heel match. Have mats. Also into boxing. Any age but please be in shape. Physique pic appreciated. Please include email address, thanks.

username sex age city country prefers
gotmuscle? Male 39 Olympia Washington Bisexual
Novice looking for playful, erotic action. Younger, Caucasian looks, 43c, 32w, defined body, smooth chest. Gym workout 4x a week, told I look good in speedos. Easy going, not into choke holds or other pain. Start in speedos and if compatible with opponent, down to nude. Sorry, can not host.

username sex age city country prefers
pinman Male 50 Manchester/Leeds United Kingdom Bisexual
Hairy guy looking for competitive but sane matches. I particularly like amateur wrestling and its gear, but like freestyle, sane submissions and erotic. Any gear but into lycra, speedos and white briefs. I also love to give massages.

username sex age city country prefers
Alej98 Male 26 Lancaster Ohio Other
Looking for competitive and agressive submission matches. Enjoy to have a hard fought match. Not a premium member, so include e-mail in your message.

username sex age city country prefers
swtsoxnjox Male 42 Nashville Tennessee Gay
Horny Guy Who's Always Looking For Play

username sex age city country prefers
GIJON40 Male 42 Asturias Spain Gay
Chaser morboso busca oso o para lucha er tica. No tengo mucha experiencia pero puedo aprender r pido, soy muy morboso. Me gusta la lucha con aceite y un buen tanga. (Not Premium Member, please send me your e-mail if not can reply, sorry).

username sex age city country prefers
HarvM Male 54 Richmond Virginia Gay
I am an independent guy, a little shy and not very outgoing when first meeting someone. I am passionate about being there for friends I have. I try to be a very down-to-earth man with a passion for life. I enjoy being with mature Bear men that have a playful approach to life. I am a flannel shirt and jeans kind of guy. I especially like men with facial and body hair. A moustache at least, a full beard is even better. I am husky though not unusually heavy. I like men to be the same or average, just not the extremes at either end of a scale. I enjoy the physical side a relationship can briing, but know there is more than that. Would like to find someone to send time with occasionally, or maybe more if is right.

username sex age city country prefers
probootmanuk Male 43 London United Kingdom Gay
Masculine bloke interested in meeting similar for subs, pro style jobber/heel or give-take bouts. Have pro boots,trunks and lycra singlets.Like plenty sweat and verbal.

username sex age city country prefers
blackpain Male 47 Saginaw Michigan Bisexual
Looking for smaller jobbers who love to suffer, backbreakers, sleepers, leg locks, nerve holds, just to name a few ways. After many long held sweaty submissions would love to give you a hot oil massage, finishing you off by stroking you until you explode.

username sex age city country prefers
punkmeup Male 30 San Francisco California Straight
Muscular! Looking for some joint and wrestling holds, like to see what I can take. Gutwork, boxing, whatever. Not looking for Oh master hurt me please crap, just like some throw down and some major attitude. No injury, nothing permanent or markedup, but definitely real punches and real holds. Just want to play and see what you can do. Try to make me tap!

newbie needs breaking
username sex age city country prefers
noogakid Male 19 Chattanooga Tennessee Gay
18 male in Chattanooga. High school senior, moving out this summer. I'm 6'2' 140 lbs. with a swimmers build and an 8' cut cock. Looking for a hot fuck, not out for a relationship. I like masculine, dominant in shape guys generally a little older than me. Message me if you're interested!

Let's Go!
username sex age city country prefers
TXwrstl Male 38 Dallas Texas Gay
Novice here, but have recently started wrestling regularly. Open to all styles, but love to job in one-sided pro match. Headed to Hillside (first time!) this July, and would love to take part in the pro show, so looking for lots of practice! Not a premium member, so please include your email in your message... or on all messangres as fullnelsontx. C'mon!

username sex age city country prefers
Reslr1 Male 45 Tallahassee Florida Gay
tests of strength, wrestling for fun - horsing around, light competitive, playful, fantasy, erotic, oil, nude, gut punching, trading holds, rip/strip, staged scenes, safe and sane

username sex age city country prefers
wrestlingkid Male 35 Barcelona Spain Gay
I,m a masculine guy interested in wrestling. Wanna wrestle??...just let me know. Please send me your e-mail if not can,t reply, sorry. Let,s wrestle!!!!!!!!!!

Milwaukee Southsider.
username sex age city country prefers
The_Packer Male 47 Milwaukee Wisconsin Other
Wrestle, wrestle and wrestle. Scraping, arm-wrestling, or boxing optional. Love my opponents when aggressive, competitive but I am out the door on maso-sadistic types. I just wanna have fun, ya know?

username sex age city country prefers
ozzielad Male 42 Melbourne Australia Gay
Very keen to learn more about wrestling. Fast learner and very fit. I have read the theory, now I want more practice. How the matches finish is up to (at this stage)

username sex age city country prefers
KBOHracer Male 54 Dayton Ohio Gay
Lube wrestling Fri., July 21, Tradewinds II, Columbus, OH. 5-10, 200, 53y.o., 45c, 35 w, hairy, bearded looking for other stocky men to wrestle. Pro, submission, horsing around, give and take, erotic if we connect. Safe and sane wrestling. I live close to I-70/I-75 interchange and have mats.

username sex age city country prefers
6nhb Male 49 France France Gay
Into hot erotic soft to rough bodypunching and nhb-wrestling with ballgrabbing and punching. Host visitors from oversea or Europe close to Geneva Switzerland in house with fitness and pool. Travel worlwide

Looking for older, beefy wrestlers.
username sex age city country prefers
jp747576 Male 34 Cleveland Ohio Gay
Hi, I live in the Cleveland, OH area. I enjoy submission, erotic, and pro-fantasy wrestling with guys who are usually 45 and are stocky to heavy. My partner is 57, 5'11', 260lbs. I have a decent setup for wrestling at my place. Joe

username sex age city country prefers
DomWrstlr Male 42 Leeds United Kingdom Bisexual
Brit Pro heel. 200# 5 10 brn/blu smooth. Wrestle pro style in speedos n boots. Love all backbreakers, bostons, camels. Over knee or shoulder breakers. Scissors, figure 4 s slams, suplexes, full nelsons. Dirty tactics, hair pulling, chokes, stomps, face rakes. Trunk pulls. Have pics to trade. Love to work over smooth jobbers in tight light speedos or trunks. Also love to facesit and be facesat too. Local only.

username sex age city country prefers
Atlwrslr Male 42 Atlanta Georgia Gay
Gym worked body interested in erotic wrestling.

username sex age city country prefers
EuroHunkSF Male 38 San Francisco California Gay
Love to go a couple of rounds of grappling and Judo. If you are a smaller guy or asian who thinks he can truly take me, GREAAT! If you are my size or bigger and think you can punish me, you better be good! I have mats in SF!

Masculine muscle jock for same for serious amateur action
username sex age city country prefers
Jake Male 43 Keyport New Jersey Gay
Looking for balls out, all out matches...amateur freestyle/folk/sub...6 feet, 205, 47c, 31w, 17a...be real. Tough, strong, competitive and aggressive on the mat...can host. Also flexing, posing, arm wrestling, tests of strength.

username sex age city country prefers
rassledave Male 48 S Fl Florida Gay
muscled guy into all wrestling sub,strength oil and erotic with the big bears, chubs and muscle guys

Novice Lightweight, Looking for Submission Matches with guys under 12st
username sex age city country prefers
LtWtChamp Male 45 SHEFFIELD United Kingdom Other
Novice Lightweight would like to meet similar for friendly matches, Not above 12.5st. Can Travel or Host Especially if you can Accom overnight. looking to meet any one in the Midlands or Nr Sheffield. Mainly into Sub, Brit-Pro / Speedo's & prefer Smooth guys. Come on lets hit the mats & please respond to messages even if only to say not interested. Many thanks Guys

username sex age city country prefers
wrsl4fn Male 43 Omaha Nebraska Other
love any and all wrestling. TRAVEL a lot. love to take on anyone who likes to wrestle hard intense or good sweaty fun. FUN and sane and ready to take you down. Not premium memeber so include address when you write....

username sex age city country prefers
wreslbear Male 39 baltimore Maryland Gay
Enjoy erotic and submission matches in Baltimore, Maryland. Nelsons, scissors, bearhugs, camel clutch.

username sex age city country prefers
biboy Male 39 Melbourne Australia Bisexual
Well built, experienced wrestler looking for in shape opponents. Open to all styles of wrestling and corresponding with guys from interstate. Send your email please.

Looking for a good submission match or more
username sex age city country prefers
BeastMTL Male 40 Montreal Quebec Gay
Bearish type, few extra pounds, clean shaven. Looking for a regular wrestling partner, submission style preferred. Sex optional. Ultimate goal: regular partner to wrestle with no-submission/limits/mercy. Willing to travel (Toronto/Ottawa/Quebec) a bit for matches if you can host. Prefer age 44 or under. Can host

username sex age city country prefers
nitro99 Male 42 Tallinn Estonia Bisexual
I like sweaty multisubmission matches, interested in matches with ather in shape guys close to my size. Please add your e-mail, if you want I'll answer to you.

just me
username sex age city country prefers
ben000 Male 20 Hampton Roads Virginia Gay
Looking for someone who is willing to teach me some moves and help me get into wrestling and submission, I also am interested inot other types of combat sports so email me or whatever or send me a message i would love to try it out!

username sex age city country prefers
Lederringer Male 40 Germany, USA,Europe,Asia Germany Gay
Hello, this is MICAHEL from germany. I am looking for hot and sweaty wrestling matches all over the world. As I am travelling all over the world I can meet you in Germany or on your place. I am not a premium member!

username sex age city country prefers
Boxinggerry Male 36 singapore Singapore Gay
Any guys who is interested to engage in a sweaty erotic but real boxing match please mail me!! Would love to sweat it out with you

username sex age city country prefers
guy62468 Male 38 Chesapeake Virginia Gay
Im on , 37, 62 202 wrestler that wrestles all styles from sub to pro and horseplay. I can host and am willing to drive and do travel fairly regularly (especially Philly and midwest). Love to wrestle and looking for for others who also like to hit the mats for some good sweat. Will be in DC area July26-27 and in Philly July 21-23. Msg me for a match.

Rough Fights in Germany? Harte Kaempfe gesucht. Brutal fights
username sex age city country prefers
RoughFighterGermany Male 35 Munich Germany Gay
Ich suche Partner/Freunde fuer Kaempfe/Sparring/Training. Gern so wenig Regeln und Limits wie moeglich. Raum Bayern. Seeking for rough fights/sparring/workout. As few rules and limits as possible. If u come to Germany contact me, please. Also ok to chains, knife, knives, wire etc....

username sex age city country prefers
al Male 47 houston Texas Gay
looking for pro-submission matches, give an take or will dominate, lots of punishing holds, sweaty, muscle, erotic

username sex age city country prefers
FL_Tazdevil Male 59 Merritt Island Florida Gay
love wrestling. fun...safe.sane...horseplay...light erotic. my favorite holds are bearhugs, sissors..full nelsons...I am willing to travel up to 2 hrs one way for a match and can host as well. I am open to all challengers over 21, especially love bigger bear types...age is not important. look forward to hearing from one and all..good wrestling men

username sex age city country prefers
Dogboy Male 39 Ft Lauderdale Florida Gay
Into most styles of wrestling on begginer level. Tough competitor but not into unneccesary pain.Also like boxing/gutpunching and armwrestling.More pics available...send yours.Also send e mail address

username sex age city country prefers
john051061 Male 45 Tampa Florida Gay
I'll be in Chicago for the Gay Games. Love to be able to wrestle. Love to rough house! If you're in the area let me know! I love making new friends and learning more wrestling moves.

Don't think every Asian is a jobber!!
username sex age city country prefers
nutcracker Male 31 Tokyo Japan Gay
Cocky small Asian here. Work out 4-5 times a week. Love pro-fan, sub and erotic. Into speedo a lot. Looking for guys who have balls. Just bring it on and let's see who will be the last man standing! *No offense but I'm not interested in just trading pics. Thanks!

military guy
username sex age city country prefers
militarybigdikgi Male 38 Anderson South Carolina Bisexual
hot horny hung military guy looking for other guys that are inshape and very well endowed to do some horse playing with. Must be safe and clean and know how to keep things to themself.

Looking for Muscles
username sex age city country prefers
barbarossa Male 34 Duesseldorf Germany Gay
hey guys, i am looking for muscular guys for wrestling, muscleworship. Pls. send message with your email adress.

username sex age city country prefers
Gbigland123 Male 43 Buffalo New York Bisexual
Like to wrestle for position, and more. Like to be intense, but also "erotic" with alot of body contact.Emjoy all styles of wreslting, but prefer to be a heel to a willing and submissive jobber.

username sex age city country prefers
max1 Male 35 London United Kingdom Gay
Looking for fit, muscled, masculine guys for submission bouts (wrestling) or sparring matches (boxing)... Im a very fit guy (gym instructor) expect you to be in shape too. I travel round the country with work.. get in touch, i might be in your neck of the woods soon.

username sex age city country prefers
finest* Male 36 London United Kingdom Gay
Lean, tall, fit, and smooth guy who enjoys subs. London's finest*. Welcomes challenges from fit guys

Asian wanna fight you
username sex age city country prefers
toughted_ms Male 32 KL Malaysia Bisexual
A hard man is good to beat. To those arrogant cocky muscular guys, lets meet on the match, only the tougher guy rules. I am also into lift & carry, muscle worshiping.

Another one conquered- NEXT!
username sex age city country prefers
prettyboyfascist Male 48 Palm Springs California Gay
Muscular man with big, thick hard muscles to show off and dominate. Tests of strength, show of strength or mutual. Smaller guys are well received and encouraged. Just be ready for the strongest guy you have ever met!Not into pain, just having fun and rasslin all takers. Ask around, I am a friendly guy and am usually in a good mood, unless you get on my nerve. Oh yeah, sleepers, chokes, and lifting guys is all part of the fun. Primary pic from 11/05

me ready to wrestle!
username sex age city country prefers
worstelboy Male 37 nijmegen Netherlands Gay
Hi I am looking for boys who like to wrestle. You can sent a message Ik zoek jongens sterke sportieve jongens die willen worstelen, kom maar op als je durft!

username sex age city country prefers
wrestlesf Male 41 Los Angeles California Gay
Into submission and/or erotic wrestling with other fit and in shape guys. Fun guy here Looking for a good give and take although lean toward jobber at end of day. PLease leave an email to contact

ruff, hot rumbling!
username sex age city country prefers
rippednreadynyc Male 46 Manhattan New York Gay
lean/muscular seeks hot, hard, erotic (if mutual) wrestling/gutpunching action... jobber/heel pro with pec and gut punching (limits always respected) a total turn ... two muscular men having some fun!...any age as long as built,respectful, safe,sane- include e-mail please

Looking for sweaty pro matches
username sex age city country prefers
sydneyheel Male 40 Sydney Australia Gay
seeking long sweaty wrestling matches with other fit guys. primarily interested in pro but can adjust to your preference. Erotic finish is optional.

username sex age city country prefers
Padwar Male 36 knoxville Tennessee Other
Fairly new to this and cautious but looking for wrestling/sparring partners. Age, size, race, and experience do not matter as long as no one has to end up at the hospital. Located in East Tennessee but willing to travel some. Send an email address and a picture when contacting me. Not looking for erotic matches.

username sex age city country prefers
Sixpac Male 49 Boston Massachusetts Gay
Looking for local Boston guys or guys visiting Boston area for Erotic wrestling/gutpunching scenes. Im 5-10, 160, smooth lean hardbody. Prefer other lean defined guys. Ripped abs are a def. plus!! Not a premium member.

username sex age city country prefers
frboxer Male 40 France France Gay
Looking for other guys into boxing for hot & sweaty bouts in full gear with lots of clinches. erotic and submission boxing. Also interested in oil westling.

username sex age city country prefers
dcevera Male 58 Walsall United Kingdom Bisexual
like a competative wrestle in speedos, thongs or nude, also erotic wrestle. can occasionally accomodate. Any age not a premium member so please leave email address

username sex age city country prefers
Islechamp Male 49 Honolulu Hawaii Gay
looking for fun matches, novice level and up,prefer freestyle, pro, light submission, nice guy off mat

username sex age city country prefers
calicub Male 46 San Francisco California Gay
Havent wrestled much in person, into BG and tv stuff from the 80s and earlier). I like to wrestle with guys around my size but wouldnt mind getting tossed around by a bigger guy. Must have safe boundries. Would like to try submission or erotic style. Have a partner, not looking for romance.

username sex age city country prefers
willieboy Male 51 Saint John New Brunswick Bisexual
EROTIC WRESTLER - muscular 5'2" - 140 lbs in Saint John, NB, looking for good wrestling workouts with in-shape men, love my abs worked over with punches, love to flex my muscles and enjoy them being worshipped, massaged and serviced. Also likle a more playfull roll around, with roaming hands that make the other guy cum first. Oiling up is excellent, as is, wrestling nude.

username sex age city country prefers
ukboxer Male 62 Southampton United Kingdom Bisexual
Boxing partner for light sparring and fun, no previous boxing experience, Location souther UK, fit for my age

username sex age city country prefers
scwrestle Male 48 south coast dorset United Kingdom Gay
looking for well built guys into body contact trials strength, wrestling submission ,erotic edge ok if chemistry is right ...46c 35w 210lbs 6ft guys in the 30 -45 yrs age range thanks. please leave email ad for reply.

Wrestling to gut punching to claws to NHB to ?????
username sex age city country prefers
LiLDevil Male 52 Pompano Beach Florida Gay
Looking for hot sweaty sessions with men. Wrestling NHB or erotic. Preferably hairy but will take all on. From gut punching to claw holds to submission holds all are welcome. From jock straps to speedos to naked. Getting sweaty and pumped thats all that matters.

username sex age city country prefers
Bamaguy Male 51 Birmingham Alabama Gay
54 160-165# Moderately hairy jobber looking for experienced heels for NHB matches. Also open to other types of matches, so drop me a note if youre in the area. Travel to NYC and CA some, too.

username sex age city country prefers
kswrsl Male 60 Kansas City Missouri Gay
Just moved to Kansas City. Really enjoy wrestling for the physical workout and man-to-man body contact. Like competitive matches with men of any size. Can be the heel or a jobber.

wrestling, jiu-jitsu, submission for real. masculine jobber here.
username sex age city country prefers
Omarx Male 31 Los Angeles California Bisexual
I am a totally masculine, very good looking athletic guy. 29, 510, 175, 31waist, muscular, awesome strong body. black hair, blue eyes. i am training in jiujitsu an have trained in freestyle wrestling. i am looking for aggressive, masculine, goodlooking athletic guys to train with and play with. im into submission wrestling, some boxing/kick, and --if you are real hot and u r a very skilled man -- I can be into jobbing for the right guy. Im bi, discreet and totally masculine. You be a real athlete, top/heel, between 18-45, taller than 5'9. Coach/big brother types are cool. Im also looking for cool young guys to hang with and be friends and training buddies. My name is Omar.

username sex age city country prefers
mirfieldlad Male 38 leeds United Kingdom Gay
good looking normal gay guy looking for friends to meet up or to email/cyber. have webcam and pics. interested in erotic wrestling/body contact and love to see a guy in tight briefs - wanting to buy any gay sex wrestling dvds as well that you guys might be selling

Into gut punching and wrestling with GP
username sex age city country prefers
LB_gut_punching Male 36 Long Beach California Gay
Friendly built beefy guy into rough gut punching, BJJ, wrestling. Workout regularly... solid, strong, & tireless. GP-Erotic or not; For REAL only; give, receive, or trade; bare knux or gloved. Really into receiving from lean little guys. Little guy works over big guy!!! Into giving to built, or solid guys. BJJ-lets roll, have a good time. Jeans, shorts, underwear is cool...into the masculine look. Take your shirt off! Face pics available upon request.

Looking for buddy
username sex age city country prefers
hrymtnbkr Male 43 San Francisco California Gay

Single and Masculine
username sex age city country prefers
atlantaguy2006 Male 43 Atlanta Georgia Gay
I am a single and very masculine guy looking for same. I love guys that are witty, fun, and intelligent.

username sex age city country prefers
mississauga23 Male 28 Toronto Ontario Bisexual
I am looking for somebody bigger than me, around my age or younger. I like guys who are 200 lbs or more, nice and smooth and strong :) I do drive, and am willing to meet somewhere. Also looking more for the contact aspect than the pain aspect of wrestling. Hope to hear from somebody. :)

username sex age city country prefers
ScissorTorture Male 46 London United Kingdom Gay
I`m looking for younger lightweight jobbers to wrestle. 18 to 30. I have a mirrored wrestling room with gym mats. I also like to be lifted and carried on the shoulders. Any fit guys wanna give me a ride? Please don`t bother to send me a message if your well over the age range of guys I`m looking for, or live 4000 miles away. You`ll be wasting your time.

username sex age city country prefers
BUTTERFLY Male 41 ramat gan Israel Gay
top 185/79 dark men, sexy love music, life and butterflys smile to the world and the world smile back to you.

username sex age city country prefers
punchboy Male 38 cleveland Ohio Gay
interested in getting together for wrestling, boxing, horseplay, and brawl. into give and take, anything mild to wild. get into muscle worship, leather, sports gear.

Looking for Bigger tops
username sex age city country prefers
DK Male 36 Tulsa Oklahoma Bisexual
Tight bubble butt who enjoys taking on bigger muscular in-shape guys. Any experience level okay. Send me your email addess as I can not reply without it! Thanks!!

username sex age city country prefers
geoffrindler Male 49 nsw Australia Gay

Ya'll wanna wrestle, or what?
username sex age city country prefers
atlantamr2 Male 47 atlanta Georgia Gay
Into sweaty submission and/or erotic grappling. Give and take-trading holds to all out intense submission.no face blows. Chokes and body blows are o.k. all limits respected. 5 ft. 7 in 150lbs. beginner to intermediate. I have 10 X 10 mats in my home. Open to gear. oil is possible. mutual attraction required for erotic. Only interested in guys with similar height and weight! Can be taller but not more than about 15 pounds heavier. Let's roll!!!!

username sex age city country prefers
azwrest Male 41 Phoenix Arizona Gay
looking for guys for fun and competition

username sex age city country prefers
Bareasswrestler Male 45 Youngstown Ohio Bisexual
Looking for nude wrestling matches. Like stakes. Do not like pain. Muscle on muscle, skin on skin! Winner takes all match. I do mean all! I like to fight like a man, you should too. And when you loose, be ready to take it like a man! Oil match, first to penetrate wins! Are you up for it?

username sex age city country prefers
Anassman Male 45 Poland Ohio Bisexual
Looking for someone to nude wrestle with. Like the contact and work out. Stakes a good possibility. Workout 3X a week. Like pin or sub.

username sex age city country prefers
swimwrest1 Male 55 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Gay
swim 2 hours non-stop freestyle daily

username sex age city country prefers
musclematch Male 42 New Orleans Louisiana Gay
partnered to another musclestud... both into showin it off and testin it out against other muscle, aggressive man on man. 49c, 32w, 19a, 27q... ripped and ALL man. BRING IT ON! Lost our home to Katrina, but in the process of rebuilding...

Wrestler in SF looking for a good workout
username sex age city country prefers
rocket67 Male 39 San Francisco California Gay
Looking for other guys in good shape for freestyle, submission type wrestling. Nothing too serious, just some good sweaty fun. Like speedo, underwear, nude, barefoot.

username sex age city country prefers
rusnak Male 48 Cleveland/Akron Ohio Other
love submission/freestyle competition. safe and sane mat action. looking for other wrestlers for the same.

username sex age city country prefers
davekent Male 38 London United Kingdom Gay
Dave 34 London/Kent loves wrestling mature guys naked or in speedos. lifting. Usually sub

username sex age city country prefers
Grappler30 Male 33 hong kong, guangzhou China Gay
Looking for tough guys to wrestle. Travel a lot around Asia so if you are interested in a match, let me know.

username sex age city country prefers
tulkas02 Male 40 bologna Italy Other
looking for wrestling partners around my size; I can host; please add your e-mail address to allow me to answer.

username sex age city country prefers
SteveCrab Male 45 Glasgow United Kingdom Gay
510 205lbs of muscle, 18 inch arms, very strong legs.Happy to do any kind of bout. Really just love wrestling - esp what the yanks call promission. My latest sub hold is a five in one. Uses hammerlock (held on by one of my legs) straight arm lock (with or without bar ), neck crank (with my other leg ) and bent leg lock with bar, plus finally spine stretch. My opponent has one limb free ( a leg) and I have one arm free to massage his stetched chest and torso - esp like to work his nips some whilst keep the holds on. I work my way round making him sub from each individual hold then tighten up the lot for some hot punishiment and to see what he can take before quitting. Of course safe sane. Also looking for someone to put me in it too! Work out 5x weekly. Looking for other fit guys for either competitive or give n take wrestling. Holds are real but safe/sane. Can teach - or happy to do practice sessions. Armlocks, neck cranks, scissors ( fig4), and prolonged back punishers, with over knee and over shoulder breakers but esp crabs (mean but slow and safe) and camels (with or without other holds at the same time). Apply or be in them myself.

username sex age city country prefers
Lightweight Male 49 Santa Clara California Bisexual
Like competitive wrestling with other guys close my weight (132#); prefer grappling in wrestling gear or gi on mats, if possible. Have intermediate skills; train with freestyle clubs and BJJ. Not into pro or fantasy wrestling.

Into Gut Punishment??
username sex age city country prefers
travelcub1 Male 39 Austin Texas Gay
I am partnered and want to find an Arn Anderson type of guy to be a jobber for me. I like to punish the gut of a big furry bear with whatever we can come up with. Not into gut punching though. Like stretching, squeezing, and submission holds.

username sex age city country prefers
jimmybear Male 52 Los Angeles Area California Bisexual
6 215 51..hunky, hairy, beefy built,..have huge mat room. Live in So calif. LA area,but travel often. lets work up a good slow hot sweat!!!...friendly Bear also...love to rassle!! Love anything from horseplay to heavy sweaty hot wrestling to erotic......thanks,JIMMY the irish rasslin bear

username sex age city country prefers
luca Male 36 Mulhouse-B´┐Żle France Gay
in shape, friendly cub. looking for wrestling partners all over the world. styles, rules, gear flexible. for fun, safe, sane and clean.

Looking for freestyle/submission matches
username sex age city country prefers
wrestlejon Male 27 Iowa City Iowa Other
Looking for wrestling matches. Enjoy freestyle and horseplay with or without erotic. Also like being jobber in jobber/heel scenes. Not in it for pain, just want to have some fun. Love the physical contact and competition between two guys. Am able to host in my apartment, and willing to travel within reason or split the cost of a hotel room. Hit me up. Would like to try pro fantasy as a jobber as well for those willing to show me the ropes.

username sex age city country prefers
fullbodypin Male 45 Hampton Virginia Bisexual
looking for hot muscle dudes to have sub/erotic matches with. Into tight gear. Safe and sane but like a little pain. Very discreet here and looking for same

username sex age city country prefers
nycguy Male 34 new york New York Straight
looking for wrestling for fun and exercise. no sex. like wrestling big guys. like doing submission wrestling, or any kind you're willing to teach me. i'm taking a bjj class.

Openminded and creative.
username sex age city country prefers
BigNorwegian Male 48 Oslo Norway Gay
Masculine ( yes I got a BIG belly ), dominant man in Oslo , loooking for masculine, muscular men for friendship. Into: SM BONDAGE FIST BONDAGE TOYS SHAVING LEATHER RUBBER UNIFORM and a lot of other activities. I have come to that point in my life that I want 'the man' in my life (or do I ?????). Going on a holiday to Norway ? Please send me a note a picture ;-) I do have a shop , a combination of barbershop and gay-pornography. Vidar

username sex age city country prefers
WrestleBox Male 40 UK United Kingdom Gay
Fit wrestler into submission and pro wrestling. Also into boxing. Based btw Bristol and Birmingham in the UK but can travel. Looking to meet other guys into similar.

username sex age city country prefers
bjames65 Male 41 Winston-Salem North Carolina Gay
Looking for someone in the Piedmont area of NC to wrestle with on a regular basis. I have 10x10 mats that are portable. Prefer submission, but open to other styles. I don't have a lot of experience, but do have a lot of heart.

Muscle WrestleBear
username sex age city country prefers
Tstostrone Male 53 Vancouver British Columbia Gay
two in-shape guys, working out, getting pumped, standing chest to chest, psyching each other out. Love to wrestle in jeans, jocks, singlets, or nude to submission, pin, or exhaustion. Erotic or working up a sweat. HIV positive

username sex age city country prefers
phillyplay Male 45 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Gay
Looking for buds in PA and NJ into showing off, flexing, horseplay. Safe, Sane, discreet, no strings fun.

username sex age city country prefers
onehoustonguy Male 35 Houston Texas Gay
I'm a single guy in Houston who is looking for a guy around town (or just visiting) who would enjoy frottage and erotic body contact. Nothing hardcore; I'm not aggressive or a wrestler and I dont like pain. I also like j/o and really enjoy kissing. Thanks. Please reply with your e-mail address so I can reply to you.

username sex age city country prefers
BedsUK Male 32 Bedfordshire United Kingdom Gay
Looking for wrestling buddies close to my age or beefy, hairy bear types - into safe & sane submission or old World of Sport, NOT looking for sex as happily partnered

username sex age city country prefers
PA/NJ_wrestler Male 45 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Gay
I am 510 195# wrestler who has done mostly freestyle but am learning submission. I live west of phila but have no place to wrestle. I do travel in NJ area often so if interested contact me........not a premium member so please leave email address

username sex age city country prefers
Maruiz3 Male 33 Bologna Italy Bisexual
I would like to wreslte someone who loves long submission matches. Fav holds: Sleepers, chockes and camels. I also love heel/jobber matches (I prefer to be the jobber but I can be a heel for the right guy). I am not a premium member so you need to send me an email address if you want me to contact you.

username sex age city country prefers
f4leglcok Male 48 Hamilton New Zealand Gay
Fit, lean/muscular, and looking to meet or correspond with any guys interested in wrestling. I have a place, and mats, and can host. Any styles, but prefer sub or freestyle.

username sex age city country prefers
slowsweat Male 45 Boston Massachusetts Gay
Im turned on by long, slow pro/fantasy matches, LOONG held holds with built guys any size, though particularly like large, fit guys. Holds with varying intensity, building up to submission, but ease off to keep hold on good long time, not into alot of pain and suffering, but more the threat and humiliation of being trapped. Can do give/take or one-sided matches, prefer to be jobber, but can enjoy both!

username sex age city country prefers
LondonGrappler Male 40 London United Kingdom Gay
Genuine London wrestler. Into most styles (inc sub, pro, tag, oil), easy about gear and can host/accommodate. Prefer guys close to my weight or heavier, but am fairly flexible so don't be afraid to ask. Please include your e-mail in your reply.

Will be in Vancouver April 21 and 23, Lets wrestle
username sex age city country prefers
rassler100 Male 50 Victoria / Sidney British Columbia Gay
in Vancourer on Apr 21,22 anyone is interested in some fun wrestling. I'm Married to a great guy who understands my wrestling fetish. Looking for someone to wrestle with. Some experience, but willing to learn more and take the bumps. Style of wrestling include horseplay, rip, maybe oil or mud. Gear prefered speedos, jock, spandex, jeans,leather pants or chaps/or maybe nothing. Schoolboy pins with lots of grabbing, groping and grinding is always allowed. No pain or sex, just a lot of full contact and fun Lets get together, have a beer, get some oil and have some fun. I can travel Send me your Email so I can reply

username sex age city country prefers
bodypin Male 46 portsmouth United Kingdom Gay
Friendly guy would like to meet guys for friendly/competive fights.Safe and sane all rules and limits respected. Willing to travel/can accomodate weekday eves or Sats. Thanks

username sex age city country prefers
sf_dude Male 31 San Francisco California Gay
like to wrestle for fun.. more of a jobber... freestyle, submissions. Gear: singlets, speedos. into leather, light s&m (cbt, tt), wax and anything safe and fun.

Bring it On Bitches
username sex age city country prefers
The_Big_Black_Dawg Male 20 Lexington Kentucky Other
Love to wrestle anyone who is willing to step up to the Dawg and isnt scared to rumble wit me. Im a big black man looking to Kick some ass looking for safe and sane with maybe something else. Beginner here but im very confident, love cyber wrestling if i cant get real so hit me up

Roughhousing - Give and Take
username sex age city country prefers
NWC Male 42 Chicago Illinois Gay
Looking for some competitive - some give and take wrestling. I like to have fun with it. Looking for guys about my height - weight - hairy - stocky.

Your Mine!
username sex age city country prefers
gmnj Male 59 Hiroshima Japan Gay
I'm a GWM looking to dominate or be dominated by fit smooth chested guys. Not looking for pain, just good fun. Nationality unimportant. Lets wrestle nude. You wont be sorry. Once I wrap my legs around you, you're mine. Be sure to tell me your email address. I don't always pay to be a premium member, so if I haven't paid, I will not be able to answer you without your email address. If you send me a flirt, and if I am interested, the most I can do is to send you a flirt back. If you are going to be in my area, say so in your profile. It might then be worth paying the premium fee to contact you.

Let's Put on the Gloves!!
username sex age city country prefers
BoxinTrunxLA Male 57 Los Angeles California Gay
Friendly, regular guy looking for others into puttin' on the gloves for long matches in full gear. Always SANE. No KO's, stakes, speedos, thongs or gut punching!...Vaselined up and geared up! If we're throwing punches, then lets look like fighters!! Real time, ruff/erotic, fantasy or just gear scene? WOOF! Cigars a big plus!! but not required...No one sided matches. EROTIC? With right guy. First timers or experienced?..all are welcome!! Wrestling? Not really.

Washington DC / Los Angeles iso JO, wrestling, balls play, cbt, underwear, short-shorts
username sex age city country prefers
forcedjo Male 48 District of Columbia District of Columbia Bisexual
MWM iso JO, cbt, BALL work with AGGRESSIVE guy. JO itself would be fine, but i also like rough c&bt, and like wearing lycra, spandex, speedo or other too-tight too-short slinky shorts, also jeans! I like having my nuts squeezed very hard, punched, ballbusting, cbt, etc. Would be happy to do the same to yours, or you're welcome to just go at mine! I really like being on the receiving end. Not into fucking, assplay or oral, but would be interested in wrestling around (w/ or w/o oil) with lots of ball grabbing and ballshots if you're interested. Also like the idea of a guy using my balls to force me into JO situations. Also, i love being massaged (feet or all over). Not all of this is necessary at any one get-together, but let me know if any of this sounds good , and if so what? MWM, young-looking 46, suit and tie professional type, 6'2', 200, reasonably handsome, average build, D&D-free. Live in Washington DC area, some travel to Los Angeles/Hollywood/L.A. area. thanks, Gary PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN REPLYING since i am not a full member!!

username sex age city country prefers
JPG02155 Male 44 Medford Massachusetts Gay
Looking for masculine men into boxing, sparring, working out together, some wrestling's ok too...be normal, fun, masculine

Let's sweat!
username sex age city country prefers
grapplerchi Male 59 Chicago Illinois Bisexual
In shape, smooth wrestler, 5'10', 160, some collegiate wrestling experience. Looking for real matches with guys who like both the intense body contact and the competition. Have 11x12 mats.

ISO Competative Pro-style wrestling with Big Guys
username sex age city country prefers
NorthFL_NoviceJobber Male 33 Jacksonville Florida Gay
I'm 6'0', and looking to meet big/chubby guys for wrestling: both Pro-style & playful erotic. I'm a novice looking for instruction/advancement from experienced large men (interested in playing heel roles).Not looking to hurt others, get hurt, or dangerous stuff: although I do sell your moves nicely. Favorites to sell: Backbreakers, Bearhugs, shoulder claws. I have limits, and I always respect others' limits. No prejudical stuff here...you be the same.

username sex age city country prefers
mat Male 43 manchester United Kingdom Gay
gymfit sane sorted masculine guy looking for fun time with similar for fun time me 6' 185Ibs 42"c 32"w 15"arms

Photo taken Oct 05
username sex age city country prefers
sj Male 42 sydney Australia Gay
Friendly guy for wrestling. Im fit and muscular . I like all races! I'd like a wrestling partner bewteen 18 to 40 yrs old. Unable to reply through Vangar so please include email address.

Torrid Headscissors
username sex age city country prefers
headscissors29 Male 31 London United Kingdom Straight
Young male (30) looking for a torrid headscissor session. Lots of very tight and long held headscissor holds. Really want to squash and squeeze someones face very tightly between my upper thighs and have the same done to me. Looking for several hours sessions.

username sex age city country prefers
Tallmatguy Male 48 Berkeley California Gay
Experienced in freestyle, submission, and pro (usually heel but will job on occasion, especially for smaller guys). Opponents of any age, weight, or appearance are welcome.

username sex age city country prefers
Musclejock Male 24 Central NJ New Jersey Bisexual
Interested in submission, nhb, rip-n-strip wrestling. Real time, cyber, or phone is cool. Open to all styles, gear, and stakes.

username sex age city country prefers
Corpscop Male 42 Kaneohe Mca Hawaii Gay
Ex Marine Military Cop looking for similar blue collar bud to hang out with. Into strength challenges and grappling to submission. Idea of ideal bud is similar height weight, in shape and take care of themselves. Not a smoker, and prefer non smoker as well. Most important is having real attitude, no prissy habits.

username sex age city country prefers
Fourcross Male 62 London United Kingdom Bisexual
I ve not tried wrestling before but I d love to try erotic or nude wrestling. Looking for sane safe fun wrestling.

username sex age city country prefers
workboots Male 39 Chicago Illinois Gay
Im clean cut, clean shaven, former military. Im an amateur when it comes to wrestling. I just do it for fun. If interested e-mail me. S.W. suburbs

username sex age city country prefers
wrestler703 Male 43 Washington District of Columbia Gay
Built guy looking to wrestle other built / beefy guys. Open to all styles; travel to Miami, Chicago, and LA often.

Will be getting a shirtless one soon...in the meantime
username sex age city country prefers
SnowboardAggressive Male 37 Milwaukee Wisconsin Gay
Live in Midwest but travel A LOT around the US. Love to get down and sweaty. Gear negotiable. Like sub, pro, erotic. Can host. Lets Rock!

username sex age city country prefers
SubJobber Male 40 montreal Quebec Bisexual
Im a jobber and I will like to meet a good heel to wrestle sub and pro in speedo. Im open for all holds but always safe.

username sex age city country prefers
UKrassler Male 47 North West United Kingdom Gay
Always looking for new guys to wrestle. Whatever intensity you want, from give-and-take to competitive. Will wrestle all ages - you don't need to have any experience; just be fit and willing to have a bit of a go. Safe and sane.


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